Thursday, April 10, 2008

Holly Suntado - Saved by Furtado!

Well, GYBO has finally put up a TV Theme challenge. I say "Finally," because I've waited an eternity to have the opportunity to put together something involving a certain girl group.

Like many others of my generation, we spent a lot of our naive days in front of the TV set with awesome early '90s sitcoms. "Saved by the Bell" was a pleasure to watch for some, in all its radical-ness; these days, I still get my kicks watching it, for purely different reasons. My favorite episode has to be "Jessie's Song," wherein Jessie Spano picks up a caffeine pill addiction while Zack tries to get her, Kelly, and Lisa together to form a girl group, Hot Sundae. Their first and only song, "Go For It," involved a wonderfully choreographed work-out music video. (Can't remember? For shame! This should jog your memory!) Jessie finally breaks down from fatigue,
resulting in quite possibly the best nervous break-down scene in television history. "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... scared!" That classic line has become my ringtone. Jessie then leaves Bayside, to pursue a career in Showgirl-ing.

So, I paired up those brilliant ladies with Madame Nelly Furtado's amazingly '80s "Do It" for some retro fun. Hope you enjoy!