Monday, July 20, 2009

King of Pop & Queen Bey - Bittersweet Dreams

Simple concept. I heard Beyonce's latest single "Sweet Dreams" about a year back, when it was still a demo under the title of "Beautiful Nightmare." It was a neat song, with a bass-line similar to the intro of "Beat It." So naturally, I put Bey's track and the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson's classic together. I like the result; how about you?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jourhanna - Rihanna's Journey

I'll admit it: I love angsty women in music. I've always had a thing for 'em. That is what this mashup is all about! This time, I've paired up Barbadian popstress Rihanna's angsty "Breakin' Dishes" with Journey's "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)." I tried to make it so Rihanna and Steve Perry are having some sort of lovers' spat, and felt Neal Schon's guitars worked well with her delivery. But enough about my rambling, hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Liady Gagagher / Riskara Bareilles

It's a double feature this time around!

First up is a marriage between Brit-rock and good old dance pop. The enigmatic Lady Gaga narrates the happenings of an inebriated night on the town where she proceeds to lose her mobile phone and admits to forgetting her location in "Just Dance." Meanwhile, Oasis provide the entertainment at said club, performing a more uptempo of Liam and the gang's best-known song, "Wonderwall."

Next up is a Valentine's treat. Piano-pop songstress Sara Bareilles takes a break from refusing to write a love song for a lover in the ironically titled "Love Song," while foul-mouthed YouTube sensation Riskay and her troupe (Aviance & Real) grab the mic to check her man's status of faith by, uh, scent in "Smell Yo Dick." Great mood setter if you've got a chick/dude on your hands you suspect of cheating.