Saturday, June 14, 2008

Teddeona Bearis - Punklover

Lately, I am rejoicing in the return of actual melodies in the pop scene - gone are the tuneless days of humps and hollabacks of yore! This little ditty, "Bleeding Love," from UK songbird (and X-Factor victor) Leona Lewis caught my attention, simply because of the emo lyrics set to a gothic R&B backing reminiscent of a classy funeral, and a pretty voice singing on top. I love odd combinations, and the original track had its mix of unusual ingredients. My only qualm is the rather monotonous choruses in the radio track. (Oddly enough, this isn't the case live.) So when I got my hands on this pella, I tried to hook it up to something else to juice out the melody... The Teddybears' Punkrocker was up to the match, after Iggy gracefully stepped aside. Have a listen!

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